Blueline 5" Male P-Spot Prostate Massager White

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Blueline 5” Male P-Spot Prostate Massager is a sleek, smartly contoured prostate massager designed to take full advantage of the extraordinarily high concentration of nerve endings in the anal area and prostate. Tipped by a subtly bulbous, perfectly up-angled head, the P-Spot rests against the orgasm-inducing prostate gland easily and comfortably. A smoothly rounded arm reaching up from the base meanwhile targets the ultra sensitive perineum while a long curled handle allows for precision control and safe, worry-free wear.


  • Hits the male g-spot with ease and comfort
  • Strategically shaped and contoured to maximize sensations in prostate and perineum
  • Easy to clean


About Blueline

Blueline is a leading maker of adult toys from Los Angeles, U.S.A. Its collection of speciality cock rings is among the best in the world. Male Desires is proud to bring you a special line of erection rings to fire up your playtime.