Drywell Japan Hurricane Mens Masturbator

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Drywell Japan Hurricane Mens Masturbator is made of medical TPE designed to hug your penis fully in a tight, realistic and ecstatic embrace. Keep the outer shell and replace the inner sleeve for a whole new masturbation experience. Developed after three years of research, the Drywell Japan Hurricane Mens Masturbator delivers intense delight with each insertion and withdrawal, leading to a burst of release as you climax. What's more, this masturbatory buddy is reusable, easy to wash and dry.


  • Made of medical TPE for high quality and realistic usage with no smell
  • Durable and reusable
  • Easy to wash and dry


About Drywell Japan

Founded by Chamberlain in 2014 from Japan, Drywell is a male adult toys innovator under Japan Drywell Co., Ltd which emphasizes research and development in its products. Drywell represents the brand's value in constantly innovating and improving to push the boundaries of pleasure and intimacy.