Sagami Japan Original 0.02 20-Pack PU Condoms

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Sagami Japan Original 0.02 PU Condoms represent the next lap of condom innovation. Made of ultra soft and thin PU, the material mimics the human skin so it is safe for use for even those with latex allergy, and does not have a latex smell. Play away with complete ease of mind.


  • 14% thinner than 1st generation (measured by standard of Sagami)
  • Made of PU and more bio-compatible with human skin
  • Suitable for even those with latex allergy
  • No latex smell
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, transfers body heat instantly
  • Smooth surface, natural usage experience
  • Transparent


  • 35mm diameter
  • 110mm circumference
  • 55±2mm width
  • 170mm length


 About Sagami

In 1998, Sagami surprised the world with the debut of Sagami Original - "non-latex condom" and forever changed the condom industry. Its PU material makes condoms thinner, stronger and free of latex smell. Male-HQ is pleased to bring you the world famous Sagami Japan Original 0.02 PU Condoms.